• Flexible Mounting
  • Ground/Sub Stack 1-6 Cabinets
  • Pole Mount 1-2 Cabinets
  • Fly Mount 1-many Cabinets
  • High Grade Baltic Birch
  • Steel Fly/Stack Hardware
  • Variable Angle Mounting
  • 12" Low/Mid Neodymium Driver
  • Option of a single or dual 1" Compression Driver
  • Cabinet Rigging
  • Integrated Handles
  • Options:

  • Ground Mount Frame
  • Pole Mount Frame
  • Fly Bar
  • Overview

    Build your own 12" line array cabinet! Plans available

    The LA112a is a flexible, scalable line array speaker system allowing a wide range of installation and mounting configurations. It can be ground stacked, subwoofer stacked, pole mounted, or flown. It is a "open" design based on proven and practical line array cabinet design that uses off-the-shelf drivers for simplicity, maintainability and affordability. Simply put - it is a straight forward, highly effective line array system that won't break the bank. The LA112a is designed and built in the US using high grade Baltic Birch plywood. The speaker components are provided by Eminence which are readily available from a number of sources including US Speaker and Parts Express. Using commercial, off-the-shelf components helps keep the price down and eliminates costly proprietary replacement parts often required by other line array speakers. The LA112a is a 2 way system with a single 12" Neodymium LF/MF driver and options for either a single 1" or dual 1" HF drivers with a cross over point of 1.6KHz (18db/oct). It is designed to be used with a subwoofer as the LA112a operates above 94Hz. Each enclosure comes with steel rigging hardware rated for a 10:1 static load allowing up to 16 enclosures in a single array. This same cabinet rigging hardware allows for ground stacking of up to 6 cabinets and pole mounting of up to 2 cabinets. Commercial grade stainless steel locking pins allow easy assembly and disassembly of the stacks along with variable cabinet angles ranging from straight line to a 15 degree angle.


    Power handling:

    330 Watts RMS

    600 Watts Program


    8 Ohms

    Frequency Response:

    94Hz - 20,000Hz




    Height: 14"

    Width: 24"

    Depth: 17.75"