• Flexible Mounting
  • Ground/Sub Stack 1-n Cabinets
  • Pole Mount single Cabinet with dual poles
  • Integrated with the SAW118 Subwoofer
  • Conventional 3 way active design
  • Close coupled HF waveguide when stacked
  • Integrated Handles
  • Overview

    Build your own Dual 15" 3 way line array cabinet! Plans available

    The LA215 is a large format 3 way line array speaker system that can be ground stacked, subwoofer stacked, or single pole mounted on two SAW118 subwoofer cabinet or other subwoofers with a 24" T-hat pole spacing. It is a "open" design based on proven and practical line array cabinet design that uses off-the-shelf drivers for simplicity, maintainability and affordability. It is designed to be a cost effective solution to the much more expensive commercial units costing 3 to 4 times as much. The speaker components are provided by Eminence which are readily available from a number of sources including US Speaker and Parts Express. Using commercial, off-the-shelf components helps keep the price down and eliminates costly proprietary replacement parts often required by other line array speakers. The LA215 is a 3 way active crossover system and contains two 15" LF drivers, four 6.5" closed back midrange drivers and two high energy 1.4" HF driver. It is designed to be used with a subwoofer or can be used full-range with an F3 of 62Hz. The cabinet can be built from a single 4x8' sheet of 1/2" plywood and a small amount of 3/4" (for the driver panels) and 1/8" (for the MF covers). The following specifications are based on the stock plans with the Eminence drivers : Kappalite 3015, LA-6CBMR, and the N314T-8 1.4" compression drivers. Other drivers can be substituted and would result in different spcifications.


    Power handling:

    LF: 900 Watts RMS

    LF: 1800 Watts Program

    MF: 400 Watts RMS

    MF: 800 Watts Program

    HF: 200 Watts RMS

    HF: 400 Watts Program

    Frequency Response:

    LF: 62Hz - 500Hz

    MF: 500Hz - 1600Hz

    HF: 1600Hz - 20kHz




    Height: 16.125"

    Width: 48"

    Depth: 20.5"