• High Performance 12" sub
  • Designed for the LA803
  • Simple design using 1/2" braced plywood
  • Professional looking that is Easy to build
  • Specifications

    Power handling:

    400 watts RMS

    Frequency Response:

    F3: 44.46Hz

    Cross over at 125 Hz to tops




    Height: 27"

    Width: 15"

    Depth: 16"

    Volume total: 2.7 Cu Ft


    Build your compact subwoofer cabinet! Plans available

    The SAW112 Subwoofer is a perfect match for the LA803 compact line array speaker system allowing a solid base for pole mounted tops such as the LA803. The subwoofer is designed to be as compact as possible but yet provide a resonable F3 and fit the performance of the LA803 Line Array tops. The System is desiged to be crossed over at 125Hz and is perfect for a compact system for small venues.